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Welcome to Ascentia

Ascentia is an Everquest guild on The Nameless server.  We are a family-raiding guild currently raiding Tower and pushing onward.
If you are interested in joining Ascentia check the  Become a member section in our forums for details.  

If you think you have what it takes, check out Class opening and AA requirements

Apply Now: Join Ascentia

Learn more about Ascentia, and read the uber writtings of our esteemed Officers listed under the charter tab.

See you in game, and thanks for visiting!

Recent Events    

Ascentia Embalms Emperor Crush

Ruabain, Jul 8, 11 11:19 PM.

Ascentia breaks into Underfoot and Fracks up Fippy Darkpaw!

Ariwynx, Jun 5, 11 3:20 PM.

Tower Falls! Congratulate the Time Lords!

Ariwynx, Apr 22, 11 11:57 PM.

Ascentia obliterates the Overlord and sucker punches his Synarcana!!

Ariwynx, Apr 8, 11 11:09 PM.

Ascentia puts the smackdown on Sacrifice Hard!

Ariwynx, Jan 19, 11 2:48 PM.

Scrying Hard!

Ariwynx, Jan 16, 11 7:53 PM.
So we've missed a few of our Hard Mode 1st Kill Pics, but here is our latest!
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Guild Council
araf (araf)
Database Admin
Slowing that would just prolong the agony of you dieing
Bayal (Bayal)
The munk formerly known as guild leader
Blastz (Blastz)
cabes the drunken gnome
Travelocity spokesgnome
Living in The moment of calm before getting owned by broken mezzes
Dakcobolt (Dakcobolt)
Flame Jacker !
Dundlemore (Dundlemore)
In brightest day , in blackest night let those who worship evils might beware my power ...Dundlemores holy blade cleanses his target for 115148 .
Fretyar Ironhart
Your faction standing with Bayal couldn't possibly get any worse!
Jareksmom (Jareksmom)
Sugar Moma
Mystyone (Mystyone)
Without the Hammer the Sword will not be strong. WIthout the Mace the Sword can not be revived.
Nerkahia (Nerkahia)
Buckeye Wizard
Pagani (Pagani)
Ninja Ranja
The herb is more than just a powerful potion
The Beast With In
Roaren (Roaren)
Guild Owner
Ruabain (Ruabain)
Shiver me Timbers !
RushesPastyou (RushesPastyou)
Drops Fat Lute 23% of the time
Beware of Pagani, aka Ninja Ranja
Misty's personal MWR (Man Whore Rune)
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